About Us

About The Office

The foundation of the Law Office of ABDULLAH BIN SAAD ALBRAIK, Attorney at Law, emerged as a continuance of an experience of over fourteen years. The founder initial objective has been to embark on the provision of exceptional legal services branded by proficiency and professionalism in association with the adoption of the global standards, for the targeted sector of clients comprising the elite of commercial companies and Businessmen, with the intent of contributing to the bridging of the current deficiency in this sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About The Founder

Attorney, ABDULLAH BIN SAAD ALBRAIK earned his Master’s Degree from the Department of Islamic Politics of the Higher Judicial Institute – Systems Division; and has, during his over fourteen years’ career in the legal profession, represented many companies and Businessmen before the judicial entities, and provided Sharia and legal advice alike, in addition to his membership in the Saudi Judicial Assembly.

Attorney, ABDULLAH BIN SAAD ALBRAIK attended various specialized judicial courses furnished by a group of senior honorable judges, senior lawyers, consultants, expert academics; he was nominated by the Ministry of Justice to join the judiciary but he excused himself.

About The Team

To accomplish the vision of the Partners and attain their goals, the Office has been keen to acquire the elite services of expert advisers who enjoy both scientific knowledge and practical experience, in addition to many of experienced ex-judiciary staff with the aim of creating some integration between academic and practical experience deemed necessary for the legal arena and for realizing the vision of its founders.

In order to accomplish said vision, the Office owns a Research Center concerned with the jurisprudence and judicial studies and monitoring all developments in this context and is manned with a number of researchers qualified in Sharia and law; the Office is also associated with many international law firms through collaboration agreements.